Our mission - A different perspective

When it comes to Palestine too often we only read of poverty and devastation.

Labiba was born with the aim of changing the narrative with which the mainstream press tackles the Palestinian issue by offering an opportunity to learn about a different story: the one of a Palestine with a centuries-old history, rich in beauty and culture. Through her articles, Labiba highlights the dignity of a people, its relevance, and its problems. A people in constant movement, not helpless and a victim of its destiny. Unfortunately, we are unable to predict this fate, nor can we speak for those who suffer every day the enormous burden of being born in a forgotten place, but we can write about its complexity and be an echo of hope and possibility.

We want to be a megaphone and talk about the roads that women and men build every day to improve a territory plundered and violated, which in spite of all that continues to give life to non-violent actions to claim peace and freedom.

We want to be a bridge that inspires people to meet, get to know and discover a reality that still seems too difficult, complex and distant from our own. We commit to create a dialogue capable of uniting all those actors who want to sit at the table to advocate for peace without losers or winners.

We support the Palestinian people in their independence and in the recognition of their Land rights and self-determination. We believe in a free Palestine and condemn the violations of human rights that the state of Israel perpetrates against the Palestinians every day. We have always taken the side of people and not governments, because, on both sides, they continue to be the real victims of a fierce pursuit of power. We believe in cooperation between people, and in the role of education for peaceful and collaborative coexistence that aims at the exaltation and celebration of differences.

How we do it:

  • We write articles divided into four macro-topics: Sustainability, Human Rights, Culture and Current Affairs, Politics and Business;
  • We interview exclusively those who know and experience Palestine firsthand;
  • We create multimedia content for social networks in order to raise awareness, especially among young people, on Palestinian history;
  • We participate in cultural events with the aim of advocating for people;
  • We maintain a strong connection with the local territory thanks to ongoing relationships with volunteers and associations;
  • We cooperate with different realities that deal with Palestine.

Our Vision

We believe in the equality and universality of human rights as indivisible and inalienable fundamental rights. We use international human rights law and multi-level governance theories to analyze the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian question.

We strongly believe in an education system that is based on respect for diversity and which leads to real collaboration between people. We believe in constructive dialogue between all actors who truly want to commit themselves to a stable and lasting peace process.

We see in the future of Labiba the concrete possibility of having an impact on the society in which we live, both Italian but also international and in particular Palestinian, by cooperating with the various Palestinian realities in order to find together the necessary means for local, territorial and economic development of the community.

Why do we talk about Palestine? 

We have chosen to focus on the Israeli-Palestinian question to bring attention and knowledge to a subject that is too often exploited, and shed light on the living conditions to which Palestinians are subject which are eclipsed by the justification of the Israel’s right to exist.

We decided to do this by writing articles, supported by reliable sources, subjected to a careful fact-checking examination in order to allow those who follow us to be able to draw their own opinion after reading our articles. Through Labiba, we describe the abuses and violence suffered by Palestinians as a result of the Israeli occupation, but also by the Palestinian National Authority.

However, our aim is not only to tell the story of the Israeli-Palestinian question, but rather to share knowledge on the Palestinian history and tradition that are constantly obscured, bringing to light the beauty of this centenary culture.

Even though the Israeli-Palestinian question has lasted for more than 70 years, as if it were a never-ending story, we know that all things come to an end sooner or later, and we are confident that when the solution is found, it will bring justice and peace in a land that hasn’t had any for quite some time.

We, in our own way, will continue to bring attention to the issue through our content, with the future goal of being able to create local initiatives in close contact with the local community to contribute to its growth in all areas of action.