Education and Projects

Labiba’s primary aim is to offer a perspective that differs from what is commonly found in school textbooks and mainstream media today. We aspire to provide an opportunity for students at all levels of education, as well as anyone interested in understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the opportunity to analyse and explore the history of Palestine from a unique standpoint. For this reason, we are always ready to organize talks, lessons, or exhibitions in any Italian city and school.

If you are interested in organising an educational event with us, feel free to reach out!

Children of a Minor God

Returning to the classroom is always an exciting experience, especially when it’s about sharing what’s really important to us. During the fourth edition of the project “Padova Città della Pace e dei Diritti Umani”, Labiba had the privilege of presenting the fascinating exhibition “Children of...

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Eventone 8: Debates to tear down walls

In collaboration with Labiba and L’Osteria Volante, the festival titled “Eventone 8: Debates to Tear Down Walls” aims to raise awareness and educate both students and the general public about the pervasive and weakening presence of walls around the world and their consequences. Admission is...

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