Labiba’s mission is to serve as a bridge that leads people together. Through our various initiatives, we aim to amplify the voices that recount the daily efforts of both women and men striving to enhance a ravaged and violated territory. Moreover, we are dedicated to aiding the Palestinian people in achieving independence and securing recognition of their rights to their land and self-determination.

This commitment drives us to engage in multiple activities, including school-based programs that impart a peace-oriented perspective to our young adults. Additionally, we participate in events designed to promote our association and immerse you in the richness of Palestinian culture. Alongside these endeavors, we organize fundraisers to support not only our own activities but also those of other associations that have been at the forefront of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. As active citizens, we actively push institutions to take meaningful action.

We invite you to join us in our collective efforts.


Labiba’s objective is to provide an alternative perspective that diverges from the narratives presented in both school textbooks and contemporary media. Our goal is to offer children from all grades and schools, as well as individuals interested in understanding the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the opportunity to analyze and comprehend history from a distinct standpoint

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Active Citizenship

Labiba is dedicated to participating in peaceful demonstrations, endorsing national and international petitions, and advocating for municipal interpellations. These actions are undertaken to raise awareness about the violated rights of the Palestinian people.


Labiba’s team is consistently available to participate in events throughout the nation. Our goal is to spotlight topics that deeply resonate with us, including equality, human rights, culture, and cuisine, all in the context of Palestine. We actively seek opportunities in celebratory, institutional, and fundraising settings—whether they take place in public or private spaces—to engage in discussions encompassing the multifaceted aspects of Palestine. Through these endeavors, we strive to cultivate awareness and encourage active involvement regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Should you be interested in collaborating with us to organize an event or extend an invitation to our team as guests, please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation!