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History and Curiosity

Limona’na combines the words “limon”, meaning lemon in Arabic and “nana” meaning mint.

Limona’na is a refreshing mint lemonade that is wildly popular in Palestine. It’s easy to prepare and is the perfect drink for these increasingly hot days!

Lemon is, after all, very refreshing, rich in vitamin C, and said to aid digestion, among other things. It is not surprising, therefore, that this drink is the basis of the culinary culture of many Middle Eastern countries.

Although the lemon was originally an Asian plant, lemons are now probably more closely associated with the Mediterranean. Many countries in the region use lemon in cooking in various forms, both sweet and savoury, either as the main ingredient or with others.

Mint is also a popular ingredient in Palestine. It is one of the main herbs of Palestinian cuisine and adds that touch of freshness essential in a hot climate. Limona’na is a drink that everyone can enjoy,

easy and refreshing with the perfect balance of tart and sweet!



To prepare Limona’na, cut the lemon into several cloves, then take the mint leaves and sugar and place everything in a glass. At this point, using a pestle, crush both the mint and the lemon to release the juice. Next, add the ice cubes and water and voilà!

Or, if you are in a hurry or overcome by a wave of laziness, put the lemon juice and the rest of the ingredients in a blender and blend everything.