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Palestinian cuisine in Pesaro

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Saturday, September 9, in the fascinating countryside of Pesaro, there was a memorable evening: the first Palestinian dinner organized by Labiba. An event that brought together friends and supporters as we explored the vibrant history of Palestine through the universal language of food.

The evening began with an introduction to the work that our association carries out, a mission dedicated to spreading awareness, cultural, social and political about Palestine. 

Between passionate conversations, we had the privilege of tasting authentic traditional Palestinian dishes, all accompanied by a playlist curated specifically for the occasion, which made the atmosphere even more engaging. But the icing on the cake was the projection under the stars of “The Present,” a touching and powerful short film that in just 20 minutes has enclosed the daily reality of employment.

This was an extraordinary occasion for us, an evening in which we could not only taste the flavors of the Palestinian culinary art but also share thoughts and smiles. Our mission? To introduce a fascinating part of Palestinian history and culture to a wider audience, one step at a time.