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How to express solidarity for Palestinians in Gaza

The international world supports the oppression that Israel in enforcing on the two million Palestinians who live in Gaza. Cut off from both the outside world and the rest of Palestine, the people of Gaza have been subjected to an enforced blockade for 16 years.

The military blockade’s effects have been devastating. In Gaza, the unemployment rate is above 50% (much higher for women and young children). More than 80% of the population depends on foreign aid to survive. Hospitals lack about half of the necessary medications; access to power and clean water is limited, and the number of people in need is increasing. Many still encounter difficulties getting access to healthcare that is not available in Gaza.

The Israeli occupation forced the Palestinians in Gaza to live among conflicts, bombings, trauma, dehumanization, and poverty.

The amount of violence and destruction involving civilians in the current conflict is unheard of. We condemn the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza by Israel, the targeting of civilians, the limited access of food, water, and electricity in Gaza, and the military occupation of the West Bank. The collective punishment of an entire population can never resolve the root causes of this violence.

This escalation needs to be viewed within the context of 75 years of persecution and eviction towards Palestinian people, as well as 55 years of Israeli military control of Palestinian territory. There is no military solution, as it has been repeatedly proven. This cycle of violence will never stop unless the occupation is brought to an end, thus ensuring equality and full respect of human rights for everyone.

Whatever your stance on the issue, there is something that we can all do. You, your friends, and your family can take important actions today.

To learn more about the several things you can do, please read the article linked below.